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Toward the Light

Toward the Light free PC survival horror gameTrapped in a cave in the depths of the earth after a rock fall, the player has to escape by navigating in total darkness. He only has seven flares at his disposal, so they need to be used wisely or risk spending the final hours of his life all alone and desolated. Try to find the light and save yourself before the dark and its secrets consumes you.

Such is the premise of Toward the Light, a free survival horror game played in a first-person perspective and mostly without seeing more than a couple of meters ahead. This is a very short game (less than 5 minutes should be enough to reach the end, a task that is very easy) and the idea has a lot of potential but sadly isn’t developed as much as it could have been.

Nonetheless, what we have is a game capable enough of fulfilling its purpose, which is to make the player dive in a claustrophobic setting and feel a genuine sense of dread while looking for the coveted white light. There are a couple of scares to be had, just don’t forget to play at night, all by yourself and using headphones.

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