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The Corridor

The Corridor free indie PC horror game for downloadThe Corridor is a free and short horror game that serves as testament to the power of the mind; with just a few well-placed sounds and a long, (mostly) empty series of corridors, a sense of immense dread takes over the player. It’s not a game per se, but more of an experience that won’t last more than five minutes.

Playing with the not so uncommon fear of the hotel’s long hallways and deafening silence usually at night, The Corridor places players in a first-person view and manages to convey to us the anxiety that the main character talks about in the beginning of the adventure. The more we walk, the stranger things become, up to a point where it doesn’t seem like a hotel anymore, but a place of nightmares. Only by delving deeper and deeper into the underground the player will manage to make sense of all he’s experiencing.

The Corridor must be played at night and with headphones to enjoy the full effect of it (meaning the chills that the designers thought out). It’s not to the faint of heart and it’s also more of a surreal experience than a game that will last in our memories, but as far as the fear factor goes, it sure ranks high amidst other freeware horror games. If you enjoy The Corridor you should definitely try other horror games such as Candles or Slender.

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