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Slender: The Eight Pages

Slender Man free indie survival horror PC gameIf you’ve never heard of the Slender Man, know that this is not only an Internet meme, but also the stuff of nightmares. This creature is a tall, thin man dressed in a formal suit with long, tentacle arms and no one knows where he comes from or what he wants. Briefly looking at him is enough to give anyone paranoia and his victims usually draw meaningless scribbles of his image and with peculiar messages.

Reading a bit more about the Slender Man may be enough for anyone to actually believe this myth can be real, but it’s by playing the free indie game Slender that you will see just how terrifying it can be.

This is survival horror at its purest, most unadulterated form. Armed only with a flashlight and some running shoes (both of which won’t last long if used frequently), the character has to wander through a creepy forest at night (who would do that?) and pick up eight demented notes about the Slender Man. The catch is that the Slender Man is out to get you and the more you get closer to your goal, the more maniacal he will be to look at you and drive you insane – meaning it’s game over. No guns, no grenades, no melee combat, just a blank stare and you’re done for.

Slender the game is a successful experiment on the human fears, instilling a tense and nerve wrecking atmosphere only with the help of some average graphics – and we mean freeware average, not AAA average – and some long-forgotten mechanics. The idea of staring at a nightmarish creature, even if it looks like a motionless puppet is scarier than anything Silent Hill and Resident Evil has offered us in the last ten years.

The game is already a hit and is leaving a trail of shat pants all over the Internet, so we can’t recommend it enough for every fan of psychological horror. With some more work (something of a story, a better Slender Man model, a few hallucinations to add even more horror and such) this could be a major success story.

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