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Reversion – Chapter 1: The Escape

Reversion The Escape freeware indie PC adventure gameReversion is a free episodic series created by the indie Argentinean studio 3f interactivo using the versatile Wintermute Engine, the same that powered other quality freeware adventures such as the funny crime mystery Dirty Split and the gloomy, depressing and sadly realistic The Kite.

Reversion – Chapter 1: The Escape is a point and click game with some really beautiful and colorful artwork that can easily be compared to the likes of the popular Runaway adventure series. The different characters just ooze personality and the locations are decorated with a fantastic sense of perspective. The interface is clean and intuitive, only lacking in our opinion a way to access the inventory through the mouse (you have to press “I”). Since the game hails from Argentina, the voice-over work is in Spanish but the game has English subtitles that aren’t free from the occasional error, but now we’re just nitpicking.

The story is a somber one, depicting a catastrophe that isn’t quite explained in this first chapter. With Buenos Aires in ruins in 2035 and a mysterious military organization seizing control of everything, a man with no memory wakes up in a barely functional hospital. The plot hints at the chance to revert this situation, but the first chapter is mainly dedicated to fooling the guards and escaping the hospital with our new acquaintance, a young redheaded woman who isn’t very cooperative at first, but her attitude will change when we play our cards right.

There’s a dystopian feel to the locations that successfully is at odds with the colorful aspect of the game. The puzzles are mostly comprehensible but there are a few times when the game requires that we enter the designer’s minds to discover the solution to some challenges.

All in all, the first chapter of Reversion successfully introduces us to a beautifully styled point and click adventure game that left us intrigued about where the two remaining chapters are heading. Hopefully the developers will secure the necessary funding for the second chapter, titled The Meeting, so if you enjoyed the game don’t forget to check the official blog to see how you can help.

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