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A Story About My Uncle

A Story About My Uncle free PC indie gameA team of 11 students decided to create an entry for the Swedish Game Awards 2012 and the result was A Story About My Uncle. Running on the Unreal engine, this is a free 3D indie platformer game of immense qualities, from the lush visuals that could make it pass for a retail game to the confident voice over and, last but not least, the interesting concept and original setting. It’s a non-violent game, more based on platforming and exploration of a strange world and its mysterious creatures.

The name of the game says a lot about it – the player has to embark in a journey to find his missing uncle, all in a charming first-person view and using an innovative suit that gives us special powers. Not only will we be able to perform amazing jumps and fall from great heights (beware of water though, the heavy suit means death is certain), but there’s also a sort of a whip or grappling hook to propel us from platform to platform.

The game is supported by a beautiful story and the main character’s frequent monologs add to the atmosphere and the mystery. The discovery of a strange civilization (there’s an Avatar feel to it) and creatures that seem to have a thing for dropping off cliffs is just the tip of the iceberg and it’s obvious that the intention of the developers of creating an engaging story was fully achieved.

A Story About My Uncle is one of the most beautiful and soothing experiences that anyone can enjoy, and better still from a free game. The story could be easily taken from a Pixar or Dreamworks animated movie, as well as the overall atmosphere and the game is also technically very accomplished. There’s something magical to this story that no player should miss.

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