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Corporate Property

Corporate Property free indie jump and run gameIf GlaDOS from Portal had a part-time it would be in Corporate Property, a free indie game created by students of the Games Academy. This is a 3D jump’n’run game developed with the Unreal Development Kit and with visuals so clean you could eat off the floor.

The complex from where the player has to escape is filled with diabolical contraptions, most of them created right before our eyes, another feature that reminded us of Portal. The polished but simple aesthetic of the game could make it look like a spin-off from Portal, with the evil robotic voice of the complex rounding things up. But enough about Portal, this is Corporate Property.

Similar in theme to the equally interesting Trials, Corporate Property is extremely polished, up to the point where you can even see the hands of your character while he runs through the futuristic complex. There’s no time to waste and some jumps require not only timing but also good memory skills to discover the right way to the exit… or else the abyss is next.

The tutorial will teach you all the basics, from sliding to double jumping and frogjumps (jumping really high) and can be completed in just a couple of minutes, fitting with the urgency theme of the game. Even the credits are worth seeing, since they show up just like if it was another level to explore.

Corporate Property is sharp, can be played with the keyboard and mouse or with an Xbox 360 controller (both options are perfectly intuitive and responsive) and will test your skills to the max. It could have a few more levels but the existing ones are pleasant enough to try the game a couple more times.

Free Full PC Game Download (355 MB):
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