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Rumble Pack

Rumble Pack freeware indie fighting game for PCThere’s no denying that the MUGEN engine is capable of producing some quality beat’em ups with the most different origins – from fan work inspired by franchises such as Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat or assembling a cast of characters from several games to original fighters, it’s the engine of choice for anyone who loves the genre.

And it won’t be Rumble Pack to go against that rule. This is a freeware PC game that looks absolutely stunning, with beautiful anime-style characters and some of the most fluid animations you’ll ever see in a fighting game. The author already expressed his appreciation for the MUGEN engine, but at the time of writing he’s already thinking about the next version of Rumble Pack running on the powerful Unity engine, as soon as the game leaves the beta stage.

But the current version is already something to behold. With a cast of 12 characters, the goal is to complete the already planned roster of 28 fighters, each one with 3 different fighting styles. It’s an ambitious goal and one that would make Rumble Pack even more impressive in our books. The existing characters are very diverse, from the sexy vampire to a few deceivingly innocent-looking girls, a tiger and even a pigeon with knives (!).

Rumble Pack features several modes, from arcade to versus and the chaotic four-player team versus, among others. The game suffers slightly from the lack of a fully-fledged story mode, but hopefully that is something that will be added in the following updates. This is a great looking indie game, very colorful but just in the right measure, with some competent gameplay and varied characters.

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