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Vsevolod indie PC adventure gameBehind the unusual name of Vsevolod lies Svarun Studios’ first release, an also unusually themed point and click adventure game where the player steps into the shoes of nobleman Vsevolod Nikolaevich Peremishlov. Vsevolod is a free indie adventure that acts as a prologue to the intended full game. With about 2 hours of gameplay and running on the competent WinterMute Engine (the same that powered the excellent Dirty Split), this is a game featuring beautiful hand-painted backgrounds and hand-made animations, mostly notable in the main character.

The soothing folk music accompanies most of our adventures and only changes to a more haunting tune when we delve deeper into the undergrounds and the secrets that Vsevolod is looking for, trying to unearth the location of four artifacts that belonged to Lord Svarog, the Creator himself.

Our character is controlled with a point and click interface and a double click makes him run wherever we want to. Interacting with the scenery and objects is a simple matter of using a circular interface where actions such as observe, use, talk and pick up are easily available. However, the detail in the backgrounds makes the hotspots sometimes difficult to find, but nothing that adventure game fans aren’t used to. There are three most intricate puzzles to solve that need some head-scratching, mostly the one where we need to offer some objects to some kind of statues.

On the negative side, the story may be original but is somewhat obscure (the official site offers some insight on it) and the font chosen for the text and books may seem suitable to the period chosen but is a little difficult to read, especially in the books.

Vsevolod is a good indie adventure that PC gamers are sure to enjoy. The nice graphics and tried-and-tested gameplay mechanics make for a good couple of hours of puzzle solving. There are some frustrations along the way – mostly the hotspots – but that is something that fans of the genre are probably used to by now.

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