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Treasure Adventure Game

Treasure Adventure Game freeware PC game for downloadTreasure Adventure Game is a freeware and acclaimed platform adventure game with retro graphics and an appealing story. Although visuals are comparable to the classic game Cave Story, Treasure Adventure Game offers an open world and many hours of gameplay and exploration in a wonderful 8-bit universe.

Robit Studios created an indie game with many features that will appeal to players looking for a grand adventure. A day and night cycle with great weather effects such as rain, snow and wind, over 70 characters to interact with, lots of items to find and use (including clothes and hats) and much more. The player isn’t limited to solid ground, being able to use a boat to travel to different islands and even explore the depths of the sea.

The goal of the game is to find 12 artifacts, but there are many treasures and surprises to be found along the way.

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