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Aztlan: Rise of the Shaman

Aztlan: Rise of the Shaman free to play 2D action platformerAztlan: Rise of the Shaman is a freeware platform with a theme that resembles classics such as Tomb Raider and Pitfall, although the gameplay in this case is 2D but with 3D graphics. Ayuken Studios, comprised of students from the Polytechnic University of Barcelona used the popular Unity Engine to develop this game, which is available for PC and Mac. The OST is also available as a free download in the official website.

The visuals in Aztlan are of top quality as far as indie games go, using motion capture for the main character and some amazing lighting and particle effects. The level design also shines, with 6 levels full of deadly traps and enemies and a huge final boss to deal with.

Free Full PC Game Download (72 MB):
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