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Top 10 Free to Play MMO Shooter Games 2012

Everyone loves a little deathmatch, challenging other players in exciting free-to-play multiplayer shooters and the numbers absolutely prove it. But just like in every other successful genre, there are many worthless clones trying to get in the fun. We decided to list 10 of the best free shooter games among the many titles out there.

Here is our Top 10 Free to Play MMO Shooter games:

10-Cross Fire
Cross Fire isn’t particularly impressive in the looks department, looking like your generic military shooter. Don’t let that discourage you though and you’ll enter an uncomplicated and fast-paced free-to-play MMOFPS. It pretty much looks and plays like Counter Strike and that just can’t be a bad thing.
Play Now Free: Cross Fire

9-Combat Arms
Combat Arms is another military-themed free MMO and a great one at that. Players dive into the action almost immediately, exploring the nice selection of maps and game modes. There are dozens of guns to choose from, attachments to customize them and clean visuals that never get in the way of gameplay.
Play Now Free: Combat Arms

8-Battlefield Play4Free
A polished yet limited take on the Battlefield series, Battlefield Play4Free follows on the Battlefield Heroes success with a more realistic approach. It has many qualities, but it’s still a bit light on content and excessively focused on the monetization part. Expect some fun but not exactly balanced gameplay.
Play Now Free: Battlefield Play4Free

7-Alliance of Valiant Arms
When it was released back in 2009 for North-American players, Alliance of Valliant Arms (AVA) already stood out as an extremely polished and addictive first-person shooter. With the passing of time it only got better and better, offering a large array of weapon customization options, an achievement system, clean interface and fabulous map design. Although there are many military-themed shooters, none comes close to the quality of AVA.
Play Now Free: Alliance of Valiant Arms

6-Global Agenda: Free Agent
Global Agenda was the closest a game could resemble the popular Tribes series… that is, until Tribes: Ascend was released. Hi-Rez Studios did a good job with the sci-fi setting and the jetpacks truly add another layer to the exciting PvP combat. The slick presentation is nothing to scoff at and the Agency Vs. Agency territory mode can lead to some great matches.

5-Quake Live
A free-to-play and browser-based adaptation of the hugely successful game Quake III Arena, Quake Live was extremely well received by players in need of their daily dose of frags. The fast-paced gameplay is as addictive as ever and the clean, even basic levels are optimally designed for relentless action. And there’s nothing quite like rocket jumping to frag an unwary enemy.
Play Now Free: Quake Live

4-Blacklight: Retribution
Following a digital download title with a free to play game may seem like a step back to some, but in this case it’s a clear evolution. Blacklight: Retribution takes on the popular first-person shooter mechanics and adds a few clever twists to the gameplay, such as the HRV visor that allows players to look for friends and foes through the walls, the hardsuit, a massive armor that resembles a mech and customizable weapons. Powered by the Unreal Engine 3, the crisp visuals and solid gameplay result in a great shooter.
3-Tribes: Ascend
After Global Agenda, Hi-Rez Studio released Tribes: Ascend a third-person shooter that represents a new chapter in the history of the popular Tribes series. Initial fears were soon dispelled, since the spirit of the previous games is present in this update. The jetpack gameplay is as exciting as we could have hoped for and the shooting is fast and furious, perfect for experienced gamers to demonstrate their skills.
Play Now Free: Tribes: Ascend

2-APB Reloaded
APB returns for a new lease on life and with a few improvements here and there. The driving model is now somewhat different between cars and the shooting went through some balancing. Don’t expect anything radically different from the game that launched on retail, but APB: Reloaded is still the best thing for those looking for a free to play and online Grand Theft Auto alternative.
Play Now Free: APB Reloaded

1-Team Fortress 2
Fun and addictive, this is how Team Fortress 2 can be easily described. Valve created one of the most acclaimed FPS games and later relaunched it as a free-to-play title. The distinguishing cartoon graphics and the relaxed gameplay are two of its most strong points, something that goes along with the great level design and character personalities. It’s not for those looking for an intense shooter experience, but it absolutely is for everyone else.
Play Now Free: Team Fortress 2

Remember to express your opinion in the comments, if there are other games that deserve to feature here. This top will be regularly updated with the best free to play MMO Shooter games, so check back often!