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Top 10 Free to Play Browser MMORPG 2011-2012

Browser-based games are getting more and more attention, with undeniable qualities linked to it, such as not needing to download a large client or playing from any computer using the same account. But among thousands of free to play browser MMO games there are a few that grab more players, with some great titles that any fan should play.

Here is our Top 10 Free to Play Browser MMORPG games:

10-Shakes and Fidget: The Game
Shakes & Fidget is a 2D MMORPG, a genre that is dying out, but it’s one of the best of its kind. The graphics are colorful and cute and there’s a sense of humor that fans of the characters will enjoy the most. There are quite a few races to choose from but these don’t seem to particularly affect gameplay, which ends up as being classic and somewhat limited. Play it for the humor and you may end up enjoying the overall atmosphere.

9-Crystal Saga
It may look like just another browser-based F2P MMORPG, but Crystal Saga is a pretty game to look at and very easy to play and dive into the familiar atmosphere. It’s one directed at the more casual crowd and shares some similarities with Grand Epic Online, being somewhat limited in a few aspects such as character creation. Crystal Saga is an enjoyable romp now and then.
Play Now Free: Crystal Saga

Hellbreed is a browser-based hack and slash RPG from the Diablo school and with some interesting qualities. The visuals are pleasant and there are over 250 monsters to defeat, something that fans of the genre will agree is a plus. The levels, over 150 according to publisher Gameforge, alternate between indoor and outdoor settings, providing some nice variety from the usual bleak dungeons. The interface is clean and familiar and there’s plenty of loot to grab and some basic character customization options.
Play Now Free: Hellbreed

7-Pet Forest (Canaan Online)
Pet Forest is a free-to-play browser-based MMORPG that some players may also know as Canaan Online. There’s a dominating Pokémon feel to it, with the basic idea of capturing pets and using them to help the player in combat. It’s a simple game but it features all the staples of the genre, such as joining a guild, PvP and marriage.
Play Now Free: Pet Forest

6-Battlestar Galactica Online
The Unity Engine is put to great use in this browser-based MMORPG that is set during season 2 of the famous TV series. Players will use and customize various ships and enter some nice real-time combat sequences, the main focus of the game. The third-person segments could be expanded upon, but overall this is a great use of the license and a treat for fans of the conflict between Cylons and Humans.

5-Free Realms
Free Realms is SOE’s way of offering players a great fantasy world where they can adventure in a series of activities that are usually seen in different games. Who would expect to find kart racing alongside the more common instanced creature bashing? Although the game may initially look like it’s one for the kids, it offers so much content, and so much to see and do that it appeals to players of all ages. Be aware, though, that to fully experience Free Realms, money will be needed.
Play Now Free: Free Realms

4-AdventureQuest Worlds
A fun, casual 2D MMORPG that seems like a small distraction but can become a major time sink, AdventureQuest Worlds has a huge playerbase, making the game world look like a very lively place. It’s very easy to play and the graphics are simple and colorful, but there’s no shortage of quests to do. There’s also a nice side dish of humor.
Play Now Free: AdventureQuest Worlds

3-A Mystical Land
A Mystical Land is Neonga’s take on the Runes of Magic and Allods Online style, although with the distinctiveness of the chosen platforms – it’s a browser-based MMORPG and can also be played on Facebook. Don’t expect visuals nearly as impressive as Drakensang Online, but you can count on some addictive gameplay and lots of quests do complete. Casual players will enjoy it the most.
Play Now Free: A Mystical Land

2-Drakensang Online
A visually stunning game powered by the Nebula3 engine, Drakensang Online proves that a great free-to-play hack and slash game can be made to run in a browser. Besides looking good and moving smoothly, this Bigpoint production also plays nicely, offering Diablo fans something that they have been waiting for a long time. The Dark Eye background is also a rich one, and if there’s one negative thing to point at the game, it’s the meager two classes available at launch.
Play Now Free: Drakensang Online

Jagex claims that RuneScape is the most popular free-to-play MMORPG in the world and they’re absolutely right. Released in 2001, RuneScape managed to stand the test of time and a couple of years ago boasted impressive figures of over 156 million registered users and 10 million active players per month. But those aren’t important; what really matters is that RuneScape’s developers didn’t stand still and the game world is huge, there is a skill based progression allowing for a degree of freedom other MMOs can’t provide and the myriad of quests will keep players entertained for years. It may not be the prettiest game of the bunch, but it sure is the bulkiest.
Play Now Free: RuneScape

Remember to express your opinion in the comments, if there are other games that deserve to feature here. This top will be regularly updated with the best free to play browser MMORPG games, so check back often!