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Momodora 2

Momodora II free to play platformer game

Momodora 2 is the beautiful sequel to the captivating and original pixel art platformer, one of the best freeware games around, that should be played by anyone who loved Cave Story.

In Momodora the player stepped into the shoes of the young orphan Isadora, but the sequel stars Momo, a girl on a mission to stop a dangerous creature of wrecking havoc to the peaceful villages. The action begins in a quiet note, but soon dangerous creatures cross our path. Good thing then that some chests provide us with special abilities (such as a double jump) and more powerful weapons. These will be needed to defeat the bosses that we find along the way.

Momodora 2 is charming not only due to the cute pixel art visuals, but also because it’s a polished platformer, a game that fans shouldn’t miss.

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