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It Belongs in an Ancient Ruin

It Belongs in an Ancient Ruin freeware PC platformer action gameLara Croft and Rick Dangerous aren’t the only adventurers inspired by Indiana Jones. The students of the Digipen Institute of Technology created another game worthy of mention – It Belongs in an Ancient Ruin – featuring a hero that has strong ideals.

Pennsylvania Smith is the intrepid adventurer in this game, a hero tasked not with discovering precious artifacts, but with restoring them to their original place – hence the name It Belongs in an Ancient Ruin. The player has to explore several museums and do his best to steal the artifacts, avoiding the guards and other security devices (or fantastic creatures) that could stop Pennsylvania Smith’s plan. There’s a hint of Splinter Cell to it, hiding in the shadows and finding the right timing to progress through the museums. It’s all in glorious retro 8-bit style, pretty much like we’ve seen in other freeware PC games such as Cave Story and Momodora II.

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