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Super Mario Brawl

Super Mario Brawl free action PC platformer

What if Super Mario’s platformer antics were blended with the brawling of a fighting game such as Double Dragon? The result would be Super Mario Brawl, a free game created by Italian team S.E.E.P. with OpenBor that captures perfectly the highlights of both genres, offering us a side scrolling beat’em up. Get ready to punch and kick famous Nintendo characters!

Two players may explore cooperatively the Story Mode, playing as Mario and Luigi across 8 very different worlds and 32 levels, but there are other modes: Arcade and Koopa Arena.

Shadows will help us to get in the right position to head butt platforms and collect coins and power-ups. The worlds are extremely colorful and pretty, a great homage to the NES Mario games that are still considered as some of the best examples of the genre.

This is a great tribute to one of the most famous videogame heroes of all-time (and his friends) made in a very original fashion.

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