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Station 37

Station 37 free action platformer 2D 8-bit PC gameBeing a firefighter is no easy task, since it involves risking your life everyday without any decent compensation… except for saving a person’s life, a feeling that is more valuable than any paycheck in the world. Sadly, videogames rarely honor such heroes and that is why Station 37 shouldn’t be overlooked.

Created in a great retro style, with excellent pixel art graphics, Station 37 puts us in the brave shoes of a firefighter who has to extinguish fires and rescue persons, all of this without the danger of real life. Your only ‘weapons’ are a fire extinguisher and an axe to break down doors and move around the crumbling buildings. We have to grab every civilian and bring them to safety, be it our chief or the fire truck outside.

Our hero is able to run and jump through the building, but also control the direction of the stream to reach fires in different directions. But beware, since the foam isn’t infinite and the player has to look for items to refill the extinguisher.

Station 37 is a cute and somewhat short freeware game that is worth a look.

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