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Proun free racing PC game

Proun is a fast and furious racing game created by Joost Van Dongenn, co-founder of Ronimo Games (Awesomenauts, De Blob, Swords and Soldiers). He used his spare time (6 years of it, actually) to develop an original racing game that tests our reflexes to the max. Best of all, the game is free to download, but those who decide to support the author (please do!) may choose the price to pay and get a bonus track.

The player controls a small ball attached to a cable and has to avoid the incoming obstacles and gain speed at the same time. 4 different speeds, or difficulties, are available to try on the 4 circuits (3 regular and one unlockable track). A split-screen multiplayer mode allows for 4 players to race at the same time, and there’s an online leaderboard.

Proun features a strong visual identity, with defined geometrics and bright colors, along with some truly mesmerizing speed. The game convinces us by its production values and fun gameplay, and if we had to point one single problem, it would be the small number of tracks.

Free Full PC Game Download (69 MB):
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