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Pirates of New Horizons

Pirates of New Horizons free action adventure PC game

Pirates of New Horizons isn’t a full game like the majority we post here, since there’s no free game yet to post. Actually, this is a prototype showing the qualities of a game that indie studio Free Exit Strategy Team Entertainment would like to develop, if they get the support and funding they need.

Pirates of New Horizons has a lot going for it, starting by the charming protagonist, a young space pirate with the strange name of Annha. She is travelling on the hunt for hidden treasure, just like any normal pirate would do. The colorful cartoon visuals are another high point in this game… I mean, prototype. The game runs on Unity, an engine that is known for supporting more and more browser games such as Battlestar Galactica Online.

The game mixes a few elements to offer a captivating universe. The original atmosphere was achieved by mixing the familiar pirate tales with a bit of science-fiction, while the gameplay blends combat and platformer action with some puzzles thrown in for good measure. Try it and if you like the game, don’t forget to give a word of support to the authors.

Free Full PC Game Download (89 MB):
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