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To start with the bad news: Iconoclasts is an as of yet incomplete game, it will end prematurely near some soldiers in the desert. The author mantains the dream of finishing the game, since the project isn't abandoned.

However, don’t let this put you of Iconoclasts, a freeware platformer from the creator of Noitu Love and Legend of Princess and inspired by his previous – and also unfinished – work on Ivory Springs.

It’s a shame that the creator still didn't manage to finish Iconoclasts, since the art style and gameplay are absolutely captivating. Colorful and detailed, the graphics are all a platformer fan could wish for and gameplay is extremely competent. Maybe one day Konjac will come around to finish this game, perhaps even with the help of some word of mouth (and a few donations on his website) to help his project getting some richly deserved attention.

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