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Achar Chronicles: Oblitus

Achar Chronicles: Oblitus is the first game of what could possibly become an adventure series, if the author finds the time and positive feedback from players. The setting could be compared to the classic Space Quest franchise, or better still, the freeware adventure game series Cosmos Quest (Cosmos Quest 1, Cosmos Quest 2 and Cosmos Quest 3: The Mines of Isagor), being a sci-fi themed adventure with some effort put into the background of the game, even though it can be finished in less than an hour. It’s a short game but not a boring one.

The main character, a soldier and scientist Eren Tersong, is a member of the GSG political organization (Great States of Galaxy) and anxious to incur in some action against the Biolurkers. To prepare for it he goes into hibernation for a week, but this ends up lasting longer than expected and when Tersong wakes up, his base is in complete chaos. Now, he has the excitement he wanted and just has to try and find a way out of there.

Oblitus’ visuals are mostly drawn in green tones, both backgrounds and characters, with the latter being slightly pending to the anime look, with some very colorful hairstyles. The interface is pretty classic, with interact, look and talk choices.

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