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The Goonies

The Goonies free action platformer game

The unforgettable Goonies were subject of a couple of licensed games when the movie was released, and now we get a freeware PC game that is a remake of the original Commodore 64 and Spectrum title. For those who are too young to remember, The Goonies was a fantastic adventure movie from 1985 produced by Steven Spielberg – you may know who he is…

This remake is based on the US Gold version from the Commodore 64, with two players simultaneously in the PC trying to solve the puzzles. There’s no scrolling, the game is presented through fixed screens, and the only tips are offered to us by means of a cryptic message at the beginning of each puzzle.

There’s one problem in this remake – you can’t save the game, so the task of retrieving the treasure in the final level is one that must be finished in one playthrough, without spending the five lives available.

Free Full PC Game Download (16 MB):
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