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Final Fight Gold

Final Fight Gold free pc fighting game
Final Fight Gold is another fan remake in the line of games such as Golden Axe Myth and Knights and Dragons. This is another free side-scrolling 2D beat’em up game based on the classic Final Fight, a fantastic action game that never was conveniently updated to our time.

Final Fight Gold features very clean graphics and 7 characters to choose from, picked from the first three episodes of the franchise. Animation is somewhat sparse but most fans of the original will surely remember that the fighters were known for their size and not for their smooth moves.

That being said, the game is still very fun to play and offers a vast range of enemies and some bosses (about 42), several ways to end a level and even a co-op mode for up to three players in the same PC. Also included is a training mode and two bonus levels.

Free Full PC Game Download (17 MB):
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