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Open Sonic

Open Sonic free download PC gameOpen Sonic is everything that every Sonic the Hedgehog fan always asked for. A free PC Sonic game that is open source, includes a level editor and is available for Windows and Linux in 9 different languages.

Open Sonic not only features the same fast platform gameplay that we all know and love, but also introduces a great cooperative mode. In single player mode we are able to control Sonic and his friends Knucles and Tails, using each character’s specific abilities to overcome several obstacles. Sonic is fast and powerful enough to confront the strongest enemies, while Knucles is able to climb walls. Tails is the odd one out (a fox among two hedgehogs) but his skill is essential to conquer some hindrances – he’s able to fly, thanks to his tail. Teamwork and strategy is crucial to win.

Open Sonic is frequently updated, with great features added regularly.

Free Full PC Game Download (11 MB):
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