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Rocky Memphis and The Temple of Ophuxoff

Rocky Memphis free retro PC platformerRocky Memphis and The Temple of Ophuxoff is a wonderful homage to legendary characters such as Indiana Jones and, most appropriately, classic videogame hero Rick Dangerous, from the Spectrum 48K and Commodore 64 era. It’s a free retro platform game featuring 600 death-defying rooms for Rocky to explore and grab all the treasure that he can, as quickly as possible – scores and progress can be uploaded to the online leaderboard to compare with other players.

Becoming the greatest adventurer of all-time is no easy task, and Rocky Memphis has to traverse some twisted rooms, jumping, swimming, using ladders and vines for climbing, pushing boulders and avoiding a diverse catalog of enemies and creepy crawlies. With such a huge game it’s really easy to get lost, so a map showing the explored places is a precious resource for any player.

If you appreciate the gameplay and retro-style visuals then there are other recommended games of the same genre, such as the fabulous Spelunky.

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