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LEGO Wolf3D free PC gamesLEGO Wolf3D is part a lesson in history, part a very funny game based on a great concept – mixing together two unforgettable brands in a fantastic homage.

Here’s a free FPS game oozing quality from all blocks and taking us back to the time when Wolfenstein 3D was released and took the world by storm. It’s not yet complete, but the available beta version lets us try the game and experience the ingenuity behind its development. There are many levels to try but not to see as a real challenge, due to the beta state of the game; however, those who love Lego and fondly remember Wolfenstein 3D, probably the most important FPS in gaming history, can’t afford to miss this title. The fast-paced gameplay, smooth animations and great lighting effects are something to be seen.

Although LEGO Wolf3D’s primary focus is on the Lego toys and Wolfenstein 3D, there’s also a tribute included to another gaming legend: Pac-Man. A funny level will place us in a map full of colored ghosts to avoid and orbs to eat.

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