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Kogamu Closed Beta giveaway

Kogamu facebook Closed Beta giveaway, Acclaim and PlayDom have teamed up to give our readers access to the Closed Beta of the Facebook MMORPG Kogamu. Simply click on "Click here to get your key!"

Kogamu is the first true real-time MMORPG on Facebook!

Kogamu is set in the distant future after a technological apocalypse, where nanotechnology mutates humans and animals to create monster-like creatures. The fragile civilization mankind rebuilt has come under constant attack by these enemies. Your mission is to determine who is behind these menacing attacks and find a way to end the evil threat that is endangering the survival of the human race.

Kogamu is a true MMORPG with more story depth and game features than traditional social games. For hardcore gamers, it’s just like their favorite MMORPG except it's portable and no download is required to play!

Join Kogamu Closed Beta

This is your official invitation to participate in the Kogamu Closed Beta test. You are just minutes away from playing the first true Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game (MMORPG) on Facebook!

The purpose of Closed Beta (CB) is to check for bugs and issues before releasing it to the public. While you should have fun, we also expect you to take CB testing seriously and abide by the Codes of Conduct below (you will be removed from CB testing for any violation):

1. Code of Silence – Do not talk about Kogamu to anyone outside of CB. You can only discuss Kogamu with other CB testers in the “Closed Beta Discussion” forum.
2. Code of Patience – Kogamu may be unavailable at certain times, so please be patient because we can’t promise any guarantee of availability as we will be constantly testing and updating.
3. Code of Sacrifice – Your character and any experience or items gained during CB may be erased at any time during testing.
4. Code of Fun – Everyone will be focused on testing, but we want you to have fun doing it without harassing or griefing others.
5. Code of Maturity – You must be 13 years of age or older to participate in CB testing.
6. Code of Responsibility – You will be responsible for providing us with valuable feedback to help improve the game and get it ready for official launch. You should expect to find some bugs during CB since this is the first release. Help us by reporting bugs, completing surveys, and giving feedback on the forums.

BUGS: All bugs and technical issues should be reported on the bug reporter
FORUMS: Give us feedback on the forums and tell us what you think about Kogamu
SURVEY: Complete the online survey after playing Kogamu for a chance to win prizes!

If you agree, go to and enter your Beta Key serial code to activate your account.