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Sango Fighter

Sango Fighter free fighting pc gameSango Fighter is a vivid, high energy versus fighting game for the PC. Set in the Three Kingdoms period of ancient China, the game features a storyline and characters specific to this historical era. Sango Fighter was also made available for the Super A'can, a 16-bit game console released exclusively in Taiwan.

Developed by Panda Entertainment in Taiwan, Sango Fighter was originally a commercial game sold in Taiwan and exported in English. However, after Super Fighter Team acquired all legal rights to the game it was officially reclassified as freeware. As a result, it is now available for free download.

This game is programmed to operate in DOS. Therefore, it may not perform as intended under the limited DOS support that Windows offers. Windows users are instructed to make use of the DOSBox program in order to remedy the problem. Linux users are also encouraged to try this option for the best possible experience. DOSBox can be downloaded freely from

Free Full PC Game Download (2 MB):

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