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The Breakdown: A Snack-Sized Adventure Game

The Breakdown: A Snack-Sized Adventure Game - free gamesThe Breakdown is an old school, point'n click adventure game. Like the ones made by Lucasarts (but not as cool). From your childhood, remember? If you don't, read the following:

Adventure games are all about exploration and solving puzzles. By examining everything and picking up everything you can, you raise your odds to achieve success. That's true in real life, too.

After the intro it will become clear, that you're playing the pointy haired main character, and your objective is to get to your home town and cash the winning lottery ticket in time.

The Breakdown is freeware, which means you can play and distribute it for free. You're not allowed to make money for distributing it, though. If you want to add it on a compilation cd of some sort, you have to ask my permission.

The game was developed with AGAST (Adventure Game Authoring System) made by Russell Bailey and Todd Zankich.

Free Full PC Game Download (14 MB):
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