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drone - free games“drone” is basically a top-down shooter combined with a tower defense combined with a RTS with a bit of driving sim and rpg in there. You kill enemies to collect money which you may then spend on weapons, ammo, armor, buildings, or vehicles. The fun is in how its balanced. It is possible to finish the entire game without using any weapons – just buildings. Likewise, you can finish the entire game with just weapons and no buildings at all.

There are 10 weapons, 10 buildings, 3 sets of armor, 3 vehicles, 16 enemies, 5 levels, 3 hours of game time minimum. This game is in HD up to 2800 x 1750 but will auto scale to your desktop’s resolution by default. If it is running choppy on your computer; turn the res down. It should run at 50 fps. Please take the time to play with the settings in the menu to get the game looking right.

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