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Akasa - free gamesUridium meets Xevious in this fast-paced retro shooter. Only 20 minutes remain before nuclear Armageddon, and it is up to you and your acrobatic silver space craft to save the day!

Akasa steps back in time by rendering 3d objects in a limited palette of bright colours to reproduce the ‘feel’ of 80’s C64 classics such as Impossible Mission, Uridium and Paradroid. And of course, in the best tradition of C64 gaming, the game- play itself is what Akasa is all about.

But be warned, Akasa is no push-over!

Just like the arcade games of the past, Akasa bountifully rewards persistence and skill but is quickly dismissive of the half-interested, casual attempt. Akasa thus sounds out a challenge to best of the old school gamers.


* 15 colourful levels of fast-paced mayhem
* Real-time mult-source lighting and shadowing effects
* Many game secrets, including powerups and secret levels
* Two completely different “winning” gameplay strategies

Free Full PC Game Download (6 MB):
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