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Afterlife: Rickard's Quest

Afterlife: Rickard's Quest - free gamesThe Gates of Hell have been locked shut for centuries by the power of the Holy Cruciforms. These ancient artefacts are the only force separating the world of life from the Thirteen Realms of Hell... But someone has removed ten of the Cruciforms and unleashed the denizens of Hell upon the world!

The ten lost Cruciforms must be found and restored to their rightful place, but they have been hidden within the shadowy Realms of the Afterlife itself, and only one man is brave enough - or foolhardy enough! - to dare fly his balloon through the gates of the Underworld...

That man is a daring adventurer by the name of Rickard Bronson! Armed with an arsenal of dangerous hand-bombs and his Deadly Hunting Umbrella, can Rickard manage to overcome the forces of evil and find the hidden Cruciforms?

Afterlife: Rickard's Quest is an epic platformer, featuring more than a hundred levels, including secret areas and training missions; scores of hellish critters for you to blast with your incendiary bombs and Deadly Hunting Umbrella; bosses, unlockable hidden features and extra balloons with unique abilities; and a variety of challenging levels, from bloody open combat arenas to dastardly mazes and traps.

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