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Rocket! Waxy's Rocket Party

Rocket! Waxy's Rocket PartyYou play as Waxy, a party-loving weasel, and his new best friend, Rocket.

Together they travel downwards at great speed, relying on only each other to avoid crashing into the walls and obstacles littering their path. But what happens when Waxy wants to go home, and Rocket wants more fuel? A game of spirit, nerve, split-second charm and awesome smoothness, velocity - but not impatience - and most of all: the awesome skill to weasel your way out of wherever you don't want to be, and break through to the next stage!

Includes 10 training levels, 30 main levels and another 30 harder mirrored levels, each with near-impossible (but possible) high-score time limits to test players' reflexes and weaseling speed.

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