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Projekt "W"

Projekt Although the game is set in a not-so distant fictional setting, it can be seen as my take on the current world-political situation. Known structures like the United Nations and the European Union broke apart and only five huge nations survived in this setting. Each of the nation has it's own background story and I also designed unique flags and 3D-backgrounds for them, in order to strengthen their identification values. So the setting is totally hostile, the time of peace-negotiations is over and every nations just wants to take over the world.

The game basically plays like risk (the board-game), but there are a lot of additional gameplay elements that give it much more strategic depth. First one is that you need to manage regions, which you can compare to the countries from risk. The globe is divided into several regions (a lot more than risk) and each region has building spots and different factors. Those factors are important and determine e.g. how many resources this region produces and how loyal the population is. In order to balance those factors you need to construct different buildings (the game includes 40 different buildings, some of which need to be unlocked through research first), otherwise it's possible to loose this region.

Army management also plays an important role, as you need divisions to defend your own regions and to take-over enemy regions. For that you can construct different military units (some of them are unlocked through research) and group them into divisions that are assigned to regions, and which can be moved around the map then. You can even hire generals to boost the strength of your divisions.

Research will give you an advantage over your enemies by unlocking new (and stronger) military units, as well as new (more powerful, cheaper to build, better for the environment, etc.) buildings. So doing research, constructing scientific buildings and hiring scientists is always a good idea.

And in addition to the above, you can even hire spies to spy on your enemy regions and divisions. This can give you a significant advantage when needed, and spies can even do some sabotage once infiltrated into an enemy region.

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