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CoalNew, from the developer of Bombie Zombie, is a challenging platformer that will have you glued to the screen until you can just beat... one... more... LEVEL! Codemonkey has worked hard on this game for a long time, (*AHEM* Before Meat Boy) taking the occasional break now and then to work on smaller projects like Bombie Zombie.

Your objective is to collect all of the keys and get to the door without being trampled, blown up, impaled, shot, or otherwise decimated. (This is a nonviolent game, just some pretty explanations for you. In other words, avoid the guards, mines, spikes, guns, and whatever else looks like it might be hungry for a little cute blob.)

The game has 100 levels and a boss, plenty of content for you to do some fancy footwork through. If that's not enough though, included is the level editor that the developers used to create the levels! Make a few and show them to your friends, and upload playthroughs of them to Youtube.

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