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Furry 2

Furry 2 - Free PC Gamers - Free PC GamesFurry 2 is an action platformer streamlined to fit into the style of such old apogee games as Duke Nukem or Commander Keen, but cranked up to 11. You'll dodge countless types of obstacles and bash the blackball army with one of 5 weapons as you progress world to world to destroy the ominous Commander MacReady, leader of the enemy balls.

Controls are in the readme and as follows:

Shift - Jump/Swim up
Ctrl - Fire
Arrow Keys - Move
Down Key - Duck
Down + Jump - Pass through thin platforms

The game features 3 comprehensive difficulty settings that affect many things that you probably won't notice, and yet you will die much faster on Professional!

You get 5 lives, and can get more by collecting 50 gems. If you run out you will start at the beginning of a level. There's 16 long, long levels each with 5-6 continue points, divided into 4 themed episodes with a guardian boss at the end of each. The game saves after each world and lets you select from the 4 episodes.

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