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Burn 2

Burn 2 - Free PC Gamers - Free PC GamesIn 1982, Atari released a notoriously difficult 1-player arcade game the by the name of "Gravitar." What General Relativity did for Special Relativity, Gravitar did for Asteroids - bringing a once abstract freespace into the hellishly challenging (in both cases!) domain of gravity wells.

Burn 2 is a 5-on-5 team deathmatch variation of Gravitar, with added depth from real-time destructable terrain and infinite (procedural) planetscapes to explore/destroy. Up to five human players can play at the same computer by using 2 USB gamepads alongside 3 players at the keyboard, and the game's brilliant A.I. "Edgar" is more than happy to fill as many vacant player seats as you'd like.

Easy to learn, but impossible to master - Burn 2 is great for pickup matches with your friends or single player practice sessions. What are you waiting for?

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