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Pumpkinoid - Free PC Gamers - Free PC GamesPumpkinoid is another 'Dundee Jam', game. I started with a simple toy. A bouncing ball, and a fairly solid collision system. I decided to try a remake of an old game by Grant Jaquest called 'Cubitoid', but it morphed into something else while I was writing it.

I was expecting someone on the day to do levels for me, but nobody turned up, so I had to do them myself. That meant that I didn't have time to add as much in as I had hoped, or to experiment with what types of screens worked and what didn't, since I had to actually code the thing as well!

The result is therefore a fairly short and very varied little sketch. It's actually quite a solid little concept. It's simple, yet at the same time feels original. It's part 'Wizball', part 'Jet Set Willy', part 'Cubitoid'.

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