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Mercenary Wars - Free PC Game Review

Mercenary Wars - Free PC Gamers - Free PC GamesMercenary Wars is a very nice free first person shooter, featuring a vast variety of weapons. The character customizing isn’t very innovative but there is still a small bit of variety to choose from. However, there are only two to three maps available in the beta, so there’s not much to keep players entertained. When trying to connect you cannot connect like you do in some MMOFPS games – while a game is in session you cannot join.

This game has one good idea when it comes to those who like to spawn camp – it gives you three seconds of invincibility. Glitches in this game are plentiful, an example is when I would kill an enemy soldier and his body would keep shooting at me. Another example is when I died my body would continue to see like if I were alive and I could still freely walk around the map. These glitches happened every day I participated in the beta. UFORIA said emergency maintenance would attend to these big issues but apparently not yet.

Mercenary Wars is like Halo on the killing sprees you can achieve – there are kill, multi kill, triple kill, crazy kill and so on. The game doesn’t have skill match making, so it may be hard to win matches when not playing with players on your team with the same skill as you. The game is very original with the crazy things that may happen from match to match. The in-game store allows you to buy weapons using a life/money health system. This inventory store has many glitches, also if you equip a weapon it may not show up when you join a game. And one curious detail: if you find a weapon on the map that you would like to pick up it says “Press F” to pick up weapon, I press the F key and nothing happens

On some of the larger maps there are many invisible walls for some reason. If you were a sniper you wouldn’t be able to get the best angles to snipe from. Also, there is only one laggy server too choose from when playing Mercenary Wars, but this can be forgiven being all but just a beta. Overall this game is a very good FPS that hopefully will only get better with less lag and glitches.

Graphics: 7/10 Sound: 6/10 Gameplay: 8/10

Overall: 8/10

Written by Balto for

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Mercenary Wars - Free PC Game
Mercenary Wars - Free PC Game Mercenary Wars - Free PC Game