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Clouds Kingdom 3

Clouds Kingdom 3 - Free PC Gamers - Free PC GamesRevenge. As the adventure went on, Master JiKah travelled throughout a whole set of portals before he finally found the room where Sinith Majoo was known to hide. However the evil sorcerer was nowhere to be found. Instead, in the middle of the room, a final portal suddenly appeared and our hero decided to enter. He had nothing to lose. Wherever this portal may lead to, JiKah will do whatever it takes to track down and claim his revenge on his rival Sinith Majoo...

In Clouds Kingdom 3, Master JiKah will for the first time encounter enemies - an opportunity to practice the skill of the sword. To aid in his battle against these myserious enemies, there are also other weapons such as throwing stars and special moves. Nothing can stop him now. Try the new Sword Spin Attack, added with version 1.5!

To a complete new & original soundtrack composed by Johan Hargne you fight through 16 levels with various enemies and bosses. Version 1.5 contains a vast amount of bugfixes and updated gameplay from the original game released in 2005.

Destiny awaits.

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