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Free Action, Shoot'em Up, Platformer Games (Page 17)

Fish FaceFish Face

In Fish Face, you play a fish. With a face. Who tries to rescue the Cephalapod Princess! However, Fish Face only has one input at his will. Press Z or Down to swim towards the depths.

Fixed StreamFixed Stream

Fixed Stream takes us back to the days of vertical shooters such as Tyrian. Featuring 8 levels set in 3 different scenarios, this free game will have you equipping your ship...

Flatland: Fallen AngleFlatland: Fallen Angle

Flatland: Fallen Angle is a brilliant free game, one that features a very original aesthetic and a story that seems to clash entirely with the visuals. If we’re looking for a game that...

Flips adventure free PC platformer game for downloadFlip's Adventure

Flip's Adventure was created by the Singapore division of the already famous Digipen University, a place where great free games are being made all the time.

Flipside of the DivineFlipside of the Divine

Flipside of the Divine is an action puzzle game set in the world of the ancient Aztec mythology. You play the role of an eagle warrior and your goal is to find a way through...


Focus is a 2D platformer game with a teleporting mechanic called “Focus Mode”. You’ll be fighting your way to freedom through a world consisting of mysterious caves.

Forgotten KodamaForgotten Kodama

Forgotten Kodama is a great looking free PC game where players control Uzume in an amazing action-adventure filled with magic, nature and horrible enemies.

Foxglove Copperfield: Robot Hunter freeware action puzzle game downloadFoxglove Copperfield: Robot Hunter

Another Digipen Singapore creation, Foxglove Copperfield: Robot Hunter is set in a nicely rendered steampunk London from the 18th century, created with the famous...

Fragment free stealth gameFragment

Fragment is a free sci-fi first person stealth action game developed by four students using the Unity Engine. The game’s idea is somewhat similar to Portal. As your character...

Friking SharkFriking Shark

Flying Shark (or Sky Shark) is a classic Taito game from 1987 that just got a freeware PC remake known as Friking Shark. This shark is a plane that will fight lots of...

Frenetic PlusFrenetic Plus

Frenetic Plus is a free shooter game that mixes 2D and 3D. The player controls a lone droid, Mercen 505, that has to defend her nation from an ongoing civil war.


Platformers are some of the most appreciated free PC games genre, and Frogatto is one of the best examples. Your character is a little green frog that gives the name to the game.