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Verge - Free PC Gamers - Free PC GamesVerge is a game that is based off of an idea from H. P. Lovecraft's Commonplace Book for a competition over at The Independent Gaming Source. The idea chosen for this game was Life and Death.

"27 Life and Death
Death—its desolation and horror—bleak spaces—sea-bottom—dead cities. But Life—the greater horror! Vast unheard-of reptiles and leviathans—hideous beasts of prehistoric jungle—rank slimy vegetation—evil instincts of primal man—Life is more horrible than death."

The game is puzzle platformer that revolves around a mechanic involving life and death. When the character dies, it's not the end of his journey. The player will find themselves in situations where death is in the answer to solving the puzzle. There are 9 levels in this small "Compo Edition" of the game. Eventually a more lengthy game will be created using this idea and engine as a base, so for now enjoy this short sample of what exists so far.

Free Full PC Game Download (6 MB):
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