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Volvo The Game - Free PC Game Review

Volvo The Game - Free PC Game Review - Free PC Gamers - Free PC GamesWhen Volvo first announced the development of a free racing sim based on their cars, it was the name of the studio responsible that gathered the most excitement. After all, SimBin has a reputation for serious racing games, being mostly known for GTR and Race. So, what could go wrong?

Not much... in terms of proper simulation and physics, that is. Volvo The Game features a meagre 2 tracks and 7 cars, too little for any kind of long lasting involvement. The download weights nearly 600MB.

Game modes are also few, ranging from the quick race to time attack and online competition. There’s just a quick and in-game registration to make (and an e-mail activation) before entering the online multiplayer. Problem is this is no ordinary multiplayer, just up to twelve players racing for the best lap time. Other racers turn into ghost cars as soon they approach you, so there are no collisions and no real thrill to the races. You can also watch the replays of your best laps.

The cars range from the impressive Volvo S60 Concept to true classics from the past, like the Volvo 240 Turbo Group A. Their handling is distinct and if you’re a simulation lover there are a lot of control tweaks to be made in the options menu. No need to say that the best feelings are guaranteed with a steering wheel and pedals, and there are a lot of predefined configurations to choose from. The two tracks are reproduced with faithful detail. The Eco Drive Arena in Sweden is a technical track, mostly surrounded by protection rails. As for the Chayka track in Ukraine, it’s more of your average track, with long straights and smooth lines.

There are different cameras but the most realistic and convincing is the cockpit view. The driver can quickly look left or right, check the mirrors and you even see the pilot pushing the pedals. The three difficulty modes make sure everyone is able to enjoy Volvo The Game, allowing for different choices and driving styles.

Graphics are similar to those of Race 07. That being said, they stand up nicely, perhaps lacking some detail on the tracks themselves. The cars are rendered with detail but suffer no damage beyond a few chips in the windshield. Playability is just great, it’s the kind of simulation that requires some persistence and understanding of the best lines to clean a few important milliseconds from the lap times.

Volvo The Game is more than a marketing stunt. It’s a great free racing game created by experts of the genre. While technically it’s perfectly competent it lacks in terms of content, virtually screaming for more game modes, cars and tracks. As it stands it may not have much of a lasting appeal, but everyone should play it until they get bored of it.

Graphics: 7/10 Sound: 7/10 Gameplay: 8/10

Overall: 8/10

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