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Metroid: Bounty

Metroid: Bounty - Free PC Gamers - Free PC GamesFrom the developer:

This is Metroid: Bounty! I confess, it has no real plot yet, but what it lacks in plot, it MORE than makes up for with a very robust engine and unique gameplay! I hope you'll enjoy my 3 years of hard, hard work.

Here are some of the many many features in the game:
A detailed map system for locating your location.
Unique, upgradeable beam weapons that stack on top of each other.
Beautiful detailed particle effects
Lots of 3-D effects and sprites
Lock-on targeting system
Mouse-controlled aiming
Super Metroid style Scan Visor, for collecting information about the environment

A wide assortment of traditional and brand-new Metroid series items:
Traditional items:
Screw Attack
Space Jump
High Jump Boots
Missiles + Expansions
Speed Booster + Shinespark
Morph ball + Bombs
Power Bombs
Grapple Beam
Scan Visor

Free Full PC Game Download (6 MB):