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Laxius Power II

Laxius Power II - Free PC Gamers - Free PC GamesLaxius Power II - 40H old school RPG featuring 4 destinies!

Laxius Power II is the second episode in the award-winning RPG series, featuring all 4 destinies of each of the game's heroes (Random the swordsman, Sarah the sexy High Elf, Luciana the genius magician and Coryool the hand-to-hand fighter) as they learn to master their art and grow up. Each character is in a separate location. Random learns how to fight in Tyrine, the warrior town, Sarah finally gets back with her elven community of Indinera, Luciana discovers the legendary town of Fanta, cradle of all best magicians... get prepared for many exciting moments!40H and many secrets to discover, including a funny bonus Lab in the end and more than 15 pencil artworks to watch.

Free Full PC Game Download (v1.1 - 17 MB):
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