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Mightier - Free PC Gamers - Free PC GamesMightier is an independent puzzle action game developed by Lucas Pope and Keiko Ishizaka. Play as the Engineer and the Actionaut to solve puzzles and collect items in each sector.

Don't be stuck staring at the screen. Mightier's unique puzzles are designed to be solved by hand with pencil and paper. Solve the puzzle by drawing on the page with a dark pencil or marker. Print the puzzle from within Mightier using a color printer. A high-powered space laser carves the solution and the Actionaut is dropped onto the surface. Scan the puzzle into the game using an attached web camera.

Take control of the Actionaut and collect all the Datagons in each sector. Your puzzle solution determines where the laser cuts and how the landscape is formed. If it's not solved correctly, the Actionaut won't be able to reach all the Datagons. Unlock characters during the course of the game and design them by hand. There are no limits to what you can draw. Watch them instantly spring to life in full 3D. If you don't have a color printer, web camera, or spare paper, you can still enjoy Mightier by using the in-game mouse drawing interface.

Free Full PC Game Download (12 MB):
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