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Crave - Free PC Game Review

Crave - Free PC Game Review - Free PC Gamers - Free PC GamesIn Crave the player is Cacoe, a stick man made of chalk and for a good reason: its creator is bad at animating detailed characters. He’s not so great at stick figures, actually.

Crave is a free adventure game that tries to play in the same field as Leisure Suit Larry and other more mature point and clicks, but fails miserably. It isn’t sexy nor laugh-out funny, despite some nudity involved.

Now for the story. Whilst reading a newspaper Cacoe comes across an article about someone called Fenelda. This triggers a very early memory in his life, and he sets off to the Hotel Carnaby to investigate. Cacoe also has a very special gift, X-Ray vision, that the player activates shaking the mouse. It can be used to solve some puzzles – peeking inside an envelope, for instance – and to check the stuff on all the attractive women staying in the Hotel. However, the rudimentary graphics and lack of animation make this prospect less than appealing.

As for the adventure basics, Crave also misses the point. The cursor shows no hot spots so basically you have to guess what is interactive and what’s not. Also, exits are not signalled so the first long minutes consist of trying to find out where you can actually go. The pathfinder is very random and it makes navigating the Hotel a bit of a chore.

Some puzzles are indeed clever but others are completely out there. I won’t even say what you need to do to take a key out of a jacket, it’s just too surreal.

Graphics are rudimentary, and this goes for Cacoe, the ‘attractive’ ladies and the scenery. Those who manage to get to the ending may choose one of four different conclusions.

Crave is a poor adventure game, one that fails both at comedy and sensuality. Try it just out of curiosity.

Graphics: 3/10 Sound: -/10 Gameplay: 3/10

Overall: 3/10

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