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Sango - Free PC Game Review

Sango - Free PC Game Review - Free PC Gamers - Free PC Games‘Put it in’. You’d never guess it, but Sango is the game where this sexual explicit option most appears in dialogue choices. Sure, our character, Guy Focker (!) may be lost in a forest in Japan, in distress, but as soon as he finds Sango, his urges immediately change.

Sango is the name of this visual novel, a very short one at that. Even shorter than the usual, clocking at about 5 minutes to see a good ending. Since there are about 7 total, it’s interesting to see if Guy actually manages to ‘put it in’ or not. Or maybe get a little kiss.

Sango is also the name of a famous character in anime and manga series InuYasha. She’s a demon slayer and she’s at her job when Guy stumbles upon her. Now, the player has the choice to sweet talk her or act as a complete moron. Different choices lead to different endings, but nothing much changes along the way.

Few of the endings are actually rewarding, and even the story is lacking and quite frankly uninteresting. The only good point is Sango’s artwork, and even that doesn’t extend beyond one position and a few facial expressions.

Sango the game is far from competent. It’s a mere curiosity for fans, but those who don’t appreciate the anime style will do better looking for something else.

Graphics: 2/10 Sound: 2/10 Gameplay: 1/10

Overall: 1/10

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