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Moonlight Walks 2.0

Moonlight Walks 2.0 - Free PC Gamers - Free PC GamesFreePCGamers review
"You could do a lot worse than taking a stroll with Moonlight Walks." - 6/10

This game is a visual novel, which is a way of story telling involving images, text, and quite a bit of clicking. It takes place the summer before you go away to college, and you're spending it visiting with your aunt and uncle on a small island in the Atlantic ocean. One night, while out taking pictures of the full moon, you meet a girl walking down the beach.

Moonlight Walks is an english-language visual novel. It features 21 paths to 4 endings, and original digital artwork. It takes about 15 minutes to reach one of the longer endings, and perhaps half an hour to see them all.

Developer: American Bishoujo

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