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Super Mario: Blue Twilight DX - Free PC Game Review

Super Mario: Blue Twilight DX - Free PC Game Review - Free PC Gamers - Free PC GamesLike it or not, Mario is timeless. He's the kind of hero that may get on your nerves, but amidst his dozens of games there are quite a few gems. However, it's Nintendo we're talking about, so no luck for PC gamers. Or is it?

Well, when fans come to the rescue, things like Super Mario: Blue Twilight DX are born and we all can dive in the platform world of this special plumber. Here is a freeware game released in October 2004 that manages to be quite faithful to the original creations, and yet stands the test of time quite proudly.

Blue Twilight DX features 2D gameplay on Halloween-themed levels and it's, frankly, quite short. Only seven levels and four bosses (plus a couple of hidden sections and enemies) means that there's not much to keep us interested for long. However, it's all so simple and captivating at the same time that we can't really hold a grudge. Graphics are really nice and colorful, although mostly dark (it is Halloween, after all) and Mario is able to do all the bouncing and pounding he's so used to. He can jump to three different heights, he may get some wings to ease his fall, and in the end we even get some goodies from the creator, stuff like concept art or director's commentary, and the chance to play as Luigi.

Sound direction is equally competent, with Mario's typical shouting and a lot of atmospheric effects, like the wind and even some spooky music. It's all a bit 8-bit, but with a purpose, and that's to recreate the look and sound of the classic Mario games.

Super Mario: Blue Twilight DX is quite a treat. It's an old game but the mechanics are fully functional and it isn't broken – not even when its creator, Ryan Bloom, says so. Gameplay is simple yet fulfilling, and for those who never touched a Mario game, here's a quick and rewarding way to do it.

Graphics: 6/10 Sound: 6/10 Gameplay: 7/10

Overall: 7/10

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