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Bear Go Home

Bear Go Home - Free PC Gamers - Free PC GamesFreePCGamers review
"There’s not much else to say about Bear Go Home besides ‘play it’. There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s charming and will bring a smile to your face." - 8/10

Bear Go Home is a highly stylized platform puzzle game aimed at casual gamers. Players must help bear to find his way home, the player does not have direct control over the bear but they must influence his movement by stretching and squeezing him to keep him safe from the dangers of the world. For example, pulling his tail to catapult him over pits. Bear Go Home features a host of light hearted and comical mini games to complete on Bear's journey as well as a repertoire of items to collect to help him find his way home.

The very cute far eastern style and quirkiness of the game along with the intuitive and easy control system sets Bear Go Home apart from other games. It caters for casual gamers, with an immediate pick up and play interface, while allowing more experienced gamers to combine the character controls to add a more challenging depth to the game and allow them to explore otherwise inaccessible areas.

Developer: Phoenix Seed
Released: September 2007

Free Full PC Game Download (70 MB):
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